About us

R&R Games, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of original, high quality games and toys – Fun games, challenging games, big games, little games. We believe that playing games together around the kitchen table is the best way to be ‘social’ – and we make the games that do just that. Our games bring people together to laugh, learn, and love the time they’re spending with friends and family. We take great pride in being known as the company that brings you... "The Games You Want to Play!"

Since 1996 we have been producing award-winning original games and toys created by some of the most talented designers in the world. Our games have been honored with over 40 national awards, extensive editorial coverage and national television exposure -- all evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to high-quality fun. R&R Games is based in Tampa, Florida.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best play experiences possible by offering engaging and challenging toys and games that will bring people together to have fun and create lifelong memories.

Our History

R&R Games, Inc. was established in 1996, and has since held true to company founder Frank DiLorenzo’s commitment to offer engaging and challenging fun to people through original games and toys. His philosophy from the company’s early beginnings has been to design and market high quality and innovative entertainment products, which has resulted in an ever-expanding line of award-winning games.

R&R Games began with an idea to provide a fun forum for gatherings of friends and families. With a treasure hunt theme in mind, Frank created Riddles & Riches, a game that provides players with an investigation and exploration pursuit experience. The game was so well received that Frank was encouraged to pursue his passion and lifelong dream to design, invent and create games on a full-time basis.

Our top priority is to provide our customers with the best play experiences possible. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and continually strive to ensure that every one of our customers is completely satisfied. We bring together friends, families, casual gamers and board game enthusiasts alike - By making the games you want to play!