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15 Nov 2023

Announcing the Launch of



September 28th, 2023 - Board game publisher R&R Games has just

take delivery of the company's latest release: AMALFI: RENAISSANCE.

A brilliant strategy game with a truly unique engine-building mechanic.


In the 14th century, the once flourishing port town of Amalfi was

devastated by a tsunami. This led to a serious decline in wealth and power.

As a merchant family, you are eager to rebuild. You will use

your small fleet and desire to explore to restore your homeland's greatness.



"It's so unique. AMALFI: RENAISSANCE features a breakthrough mechanism

where ships give action but also manage resources" said Frank DiLorenzo,

R&R Games' founder, "This creates a far more interesting experience with

more choices, more balance, and more replayability."


Launching at New York Toy Fair!


R&R Games will be featuring AMALFI: RENAISSANCE at the 2023 New York Toy Fair.

We invite all attendees to stop by and check it out. Booth #129.

For more information, contact Matt Mariani at

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