Bite Your Tongue®

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Bite Your Tongue®

Thish ish da game where yu need ta get peepul to undershthand what yu ah thaying. Shounds simpul wight? But wait, there’s a catch! Your tongue keeps getting in the way ...and you’re going to sound really funny! Collect the most points from correct guesses to win!


  1. Place the card deck and chips on the Table.
  2. Pick a start player. They are the oh-so-important “Cluegiver”.
  3. Deal 6 cards face down to the Cluegiver.
  4. Another player takes charge of the timer. They are the Timekeeper, a lofty position of some prestige and gravity.
  5. Another player takes charge of the scorepad. They are the Scorekeeper, a hallowed position of tedious work mixed with brief moments of excitement. They will need to procure a pen or pencil if they don’t already have one.
  6. All players except the Cluegiver shall be Guessers for this turn.


The Timekeeper starts the timer by saying “Go!” or “Mumble away!” or any suitable starting phrase as they like.

Cluegiver turns over their top card and reads aloud each of the three clues in order in this specific manner:

  1. While pinching your nose closed.
  2. While biting gently on your tongue so it doesn’t move.
  3. While holding your nose closed with your tongue hanging out of your mouth.

Fail to use the proper method and the card must be skipped. 

Everyone else tries to guess the answer, but each player is allowed only ONE answer per clue. 

As soon as someone guesses the answer correctly, the Cluegiver gives the card to that player. If multiple Guessers got it correct at the same time, the rest of them take a chip. 

Cluegiver continues trying to get answers guessed until the time is up. 

Guessers can ask the player to repeat the clue as many times as they like. The Cluegiver can skip a card. All cards skipped are taken out of the bite your tongue game.


The Scorekeeper now tallies players' scores on the pad. Guessers receive one point for each card or chip they received and the Cluegiver receives one point for each card given away. 

  1. Shuffle any cards not used by the Cluegiver back into the deck.
  2. Place cards that were used back into the box.
  3. The next player clockwise now becomes the new Cluegiver and receives 6 new cards.
  4. Shift the TimeKeeper position clockwise to the next player.


Once each player of the bite your tongue game has been Cluegiver once, you may stop and declare the player or players with the most points the winner! If you wish, play another round and continue the score to reach even higher levels of victory! 

Don’t like ties? Put the tied winners in an overtime match where they are the only Cluegivers and NOT guessing and the rest are still Guessers. After each has given their Clue set once if there is a clear winner, declare them the Victor! If some or all are still tied, then continue until only one stand-alone. Now that player may rightfully declare that they are the CHEESE!

You'll be laughing your head off in this new party game! Players must give clues so guessers can figure out a famous person, place or thing. Trouble is, you must give the first clue holding your nose, the second clue with your tongue "tied" and the third clue with your tongue out and nose held! Funniest Game you will ever play!

Ages 10+   |   3 or more players   |   Playing time  45 minutes


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