Coin Quest™

A Diabolical Bidding Game! In this winner take all game, you are part of a mysterious cabal of elite coin collectors.
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Coin Quest™

The Game

You are part of a group of elite coin collectors. Every so often you get together in an informal auction and bid to acquire new coins by showing off your best coins. The player showing the highest value either wins a new coin to use or gains instant admiration and increases their prestige. Whoever amasses the most prestige by the end of the auction goes home with all the coins; the winner takes all!


Score the most points (Prestige) through coins you collect in the game. Earn Prestige by winning exceptional coins and the added value of mint marks, quality, age, and rarity in your collection.


Give each player a Player board, screen, and Collection Pouch with a set of 10 Collection Coins.

• Place the Game board in the center of the playing area.

• Place your player screen in front of your player board, to prevent others from seeing it.

• Leave all extra player boards, player screens, pouches, and Collection Coins in the box.

• Place all Auction Coins in the black Auction Pouch. Randomly remove 6 Coins from the Pouch and leave them out of the game, face down in the box.

• Draw 7 Auction Coins and place them face up on the 7 spaces of the Game board to be the Market Coins.

• Place your Pawn on the 0 space of the scoring track.

• The starting player is the player whose birthday is closest to today.


Coin Quest is played over multiple rounds until the Auction pouch is empty. Steps 2-4 are performed simultaneously until each player has completed each step. Each round:

1. Add one Auction Coin face up to the Game board for each area indicated by:

2. Each player randomly draws 5 Coins from their Collection Pouch and places them behind their screen.

3. Any of your Coins with action on them may be used now. Show the Coin(s) used to all players for the actions performed, then place these back in your hidden area. (See Coin Drawing section)

4. Bid for LOTS by placing your Coins onto the spaces of your player board, which corresponds to the LOT spaces on the Game board. Multiple Coins can be placed in one space. You must use all of your Coins, but you do not have to bid on every space. The bids will be used for winning LOTS on the Game board.

5. After all players have placed their Coins, players remove their screens and reveal their bids.

6. Determine who wins each space (see Bidding section), Winning players either win the actual Coins from LOTS 1, 2, and 3 or score Prestige from LOTS 4, 5, and 6.

7. Players discard their Coins from their bids to their own discard pile just outside of their screen. They then set their player screens back up in front of their player board.

8. Players may now purchase one Market Coin from the board using Prestige. (See Purchasing section.)

9. Start a new round.

Coin Drawing

Each succeeding round you draw 5 Coins from your Collection Pouch. If you do not have 5 Coins left in your pouch, draw as many as remain in the pouch. Then place all Coins from your discard pile into your pouch, and draw until you have drawn 5 Coins in total.

Special types of Coins that trigger actions

There are certain bonuses that appear on various Coins. Images on the left refer to actions or points taken immediately. Images on the right refer to points taken at the end of the game.

Age - These are so old and valuable that you may opt to trash a lesser Coin(s) from your collection. You may permanently remove from the game one or two Coins (as indicated) from your hand or from your discard pile this round. (For strategy, consider the endgame tiebreaker when trying to make the best decision for this action.)

Unique Design - This Coin is so stunning that the other Collectors are impressed and ask you to show more than your base draw of 5 Coins. You may draw one or two extra Coins (as indicated) to use this round.

Rare - Score one or two Prestige immediately for showing off such a rare specimen.

Quality - Worth from 1 to 4 Prestige - These give you no immediate action, but are in such good condition that they are worth extra points added to your final total at the end of the game.

Bad Penny - When you draw the Bad Penny from your Pouch you must pass it off to another player and draw a replacement from their pouch. Choose another player, draw a Coin from their Pouch and then add it to the Coins you’ve drawn. Discard the Bad Penny into their Pouch


LOTS on the Game board are won through the bids of your Coins, by outbidding your opponents.

1. The highest Gold value sum wins the space. If there is a tie for total Gold value, then compare Silver next.

2. The highest Silver value sum wins the space. If there is still a tie, then compare Copper next.

3. The highest Copper value sum wins the space. If there is still a tie, then no player wins the space. Note that if no player wins a space with “+ Coin” then there will be multiple Coins on that space next turn, and all will be gained by whoever wins that space.

If you have been outbid by other players, discard your coin's bid to your discard pile. Winners of a successful bid leave their winning bid on their player board to show priority order during the Purchasing phase.


After all, Lots have been distributed, players have the option to purchase one of the Market Coins for 3 Prestige. Players buy in order of Bidding space that they won, i.e. the Lot 1 winner may purchase first, then the Lot 2 winner and so on. The purchaser subtracts 3 points from their score, then selects one Market Coin from the board to add to their discard pile.

Once they have purchased (or decided not to purchase) they discard their winning bid to their discard pile to show the next player in priority order may make their selection. Once a Market Coin is purchased, that space on the Game board remains empty for the rest of the game.

Game End

After all Auction coins have been bid on and no Coins remain in the Auction Pouch, players tally their final scores. Final Prestige points are scored in two different ways at the end of the game:

• Prestige on old coins, shown by a 1 Prestige symbol up to a 4 Prestige symbol.

• Prestige from the Mint Mark Collection Bonus.

The player with the most points wins! If multiple players tie for a score, the player with the most Copper wins.

A Diabolical Bidding Game! In this winner take all game, you are part of a mysterious cabal of elite coin collectors. Outbid and outsmart your peers in an informal auction to acquire better coins. In this deck-building game, coins replace cards. The shrewdest collector will be the one who goes home with all the coins!

Ages 12+   |   2 to 5 players   |   Play time  30 minutes






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