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Collect the correct cups in this fast-action game to win! Two dice are rolled to reveal which one of the cups can be collected. Be the first to grab it, and you’re on your way to victory! But remember, if that cup comes up again, players can try to steal it from you! You gotta act fast if you want to be King of the Cups!


  • 9 Cup-A-Cup
  • 2 Symbol Dice


Set the 9 Cups (open side down) onto the middle of the table. Space them 1-2 inches apart, with the symbols on the bottoms facing up. 
Give the 2 dice to a randomly selected player.



1. The player with the dice rolls them onto the table. 

2. Immediately players rush to grab the correct matching cup (see CUP SET). 
    a. A cup can be grabbed from either the center of the table or from another player. 
    b. If you grab an incorrect cup, you cannot grab another cup this round. Put the incorrect cup back where you grabbed it. 
    c. If you grab the correct cup, place it in front of you, but still within reach of all other players. 

3. Once the correct cup is grabbed, the round stops. 

4. The player who wins the cup will take the dice, and a new round begins.


After the dice are rolled, the correct cup to grab will be whichever shape completes the set, shown below. 


A. Same color and same shape: Grab the cup with the same color and shape.

B. Same color but different shapes: Grab the cup of the same color but with the missing shape.

C. Different colors but the same shape: Grab the cup with the missing color but the same shape.

D. Different colors and shapes: Grab the cup with the missing color and the missing shape.


The game is over as soon as one player has 3 cups in front of them. That player wins! With just three players use 4 cups, and with two players use 5 cups as the winning condition. 

4-6 players: 3 Cups 
3 players: 4 Cups 
2 players: 5 Cups

Fast hands and quick minds think alike! It's all cup for grabs as players race to catch the cups in this fun family game. Roll the dice, quickly identify the missing colored shape, then try to be the first to grab the matching cup off the table. But be careful ... no cup is safe! On the next player’s turn, if another player holds the matching cup, anyone can grab it to complete the set.  First to collect three cups wins.
Fun for kids and adults alike! Sharpens skills of logic and analytical thinking, pattern recognition, memory, deduction and reaction speed.
Ages 6+  |  3-8 players  |  Playing time  20 minutes








Contents: 9 Cup-A-Cup Cups, 2 Symbol dice

Click Here For Rules 

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