Dom Pierre

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Dom Pierre

At the end of the 17th century, a French Benedictine monk, in charge of the cellar at Hautvillers Abbey, made an important contribution to differentiate wines from that region. 

It became possible to produce wines of superior quality, particularly white wines made from black grape varieties. While Dom Pierre Pérignon initially felt the sparkling of the wine was a negative feature the consequent increase in both quality and quantity created the path that lead to the appreciation and recognition of champagne. 

Throughout the 18th century several "champagne houses”, or Maisons de Champagne, were founded, and a new business dynamic grew in the region. These houses replaced small farm and monastery production in leading the evolutionary process of champagne and, either by planting more vineyards or by buying grapes from other producers, they mastered the specialization. To promote their product the houses hired sales agents to take samples of their champagne wines to the Royal Courts of Europe, a crucial factor in generating the glamorous fashion of drinking champagne. 

Despite the growth of production, the improving quality, and the increasing popularity, the champagne trade did not reach spectacular rates during the 19th Century. That’s why this game is much more about winning prestige than earning money... 

In this game, you are responsible for one of the oldest Maisons de Champagne. You will produce and sell wine all over Europe, even to the other side of the Atlantic. The local economy will be boosted, employment increased and your brand will become universally recognized... 

The game flows in a chain of actions that start in your vineyard. You will need to look for continuous improvement, constantly react to your opponents, and optimize your choices to build the most prestigious Maisons de Champagne

Game Overview

The game is played in rounds, each round consisting of one action turn for each player starting with the first player and continuing clockwise. On your turn, you must move one action disc on the winery and perform an associated action. 

As the game progresses the actions become more powerful and you will accomplish more in a single turn. 

You are going to plant the VINEYARD and harvest crops. You are going to produce champagne in your CELLAR. In the VILLAGE you will buy harvests from your neighbors, acquire accessories to enhance production and gain bonuses or victory points. It’s wise to focus on your business LOGISTICS, allocating salesmen to the market routes and workers to your vineyard and cellar. 

With the profitable SALES of your champagne, you will earn victory points and money, and additionally, you can acquire GOAL which can be turned into victory points when goals are met. Alongside these actions, you can turn your PRESTIGE, achieved through your best champagne, your cellar performance, and your wealth into even more victory points. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game will be the winner.

Throughout the 18th century, several champagne houses replaced small farms and monasteries, in the production and development of French champagne. Targeting these wines to the Royal Courts of Europe created the glamorous fashion of drinking champagne.

In this game, you are responsible for one of the oldest champagne maisons. The game flows through a chain of actions beginning with collecting grapes from your vineyard. You will press and bottle them into hopefully excellent vintages. It all culminates with your sales throughout Europe and America. You will need to strive for continuous improvement, nimbly react to your opponents, and optimize your choices to produce the finest and most prestigious champagnes!

A Rola & Costa design

Ages 14+ | 2 to 4 players | Playing time 120 minutes








Click here for rules in English

Click here for rules in Dutch

Click here for rules in French

Click here for rules in German


Click here for Dom Pierre Errata in English and German

CONTENTS: 6 Boards: 1 Game, 4 Player, 1 Prestige, 51 Grapes in 3 colors in a cloth bag, 24 Action discs in 4 colors, 8 Scoring markers in 4 colors, 36 Workers in 4 colors, 45 Harvest & 40 Champagne tiles, 16 Grey & 16 Blue accessory tokens, 16 Prestige tokens, 4 Initial & 45 Goal cards, 12 Vintage tokens, 4 100/200 VP tokens, 18 Modifier/Flag tokens, 5 Ratio tiles, 28 Coins, 60 Market cards, 2 Info Sheets

Click here for Goals Playeraid in English

Click here for Goals Playeraid in German


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