Dom Pierre

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Throughout the 18th century, several champagne houses replaced small farms and monasteries, in the production and development of French champagne. Targeting these wines to the Royal Courts of Europe created the glamorous fashion of drinking champagne.

In this game, you are responsible for one of the oldest champagne maisons. The game flows through a chain of actions beginning with collecting grapes from your vineyard. You will press and bottle them into hopefully excellent vintages. It all culminates with your sales throughout Europe and America. You will need to strive for continuous improvement, nimbly react to your opponents, and optimize your choices to produce the finest and most prestigious champagnes!

A Rola & Costa design

Ages 14+ | 2 to 4 players | Playing time 120 minutes








Click here for rules in English

Click here for rules in Dutch

Click here for rules in French

Click here for rules in German


Click here for Dom Pierre Errata in English and German

CONTENTS: 6 Boards: 1 Game, 4 Player, 1 Prestige, 51 Grapes in 3 colors in a cloth bag, 24 Action discs in 4 colors, 8 Scoring markers in 4 colors, 36 Workers in 4 colors, 45 Harvest & 40 Champagne tiles, 16 Grey & 16 Blue accessory tokens, 16 Prestige tokens, 4 Initial & 45 Goal cards, 12 Vintage tokens, 4 100/200 VP tokens, 18 Modifier/Flag tokens, 5 Ratio tiles, 28 Coins, 60 Market cards, 2 Info Sheets

Click here for Goals Playeraid in English

Click here for Goals Playeraid in German


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Click here for Dom Pierre Solo Mode Print and Play

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