Face Chase

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Face Chase

Are you good at recognizing faces? Hopefully, you can at least pick out features like hair, eyes, nose, or mouth because that’s what this game is all about! It’s a mad dash to get rid of your cards first by matching your cards to the changing faces on the board. The first to dump all their cards wins the game!

Face Chase was born from a series of mugshots that the inventor thought would be the basis for a hilarious game. OK, not really, but if they were mugshots, then couldn’t there possibly be a thief in there somewhere? Egads! There is! One of the faces in the deck is the face of a thief! 

Can you find the correct one? 

If you can, take a picture and send it to 

The first person to send us the correct identity of the thief will win a special prize! Thereafter, correct entries will be placed into a monthly drawing for free games and other prizes!* Need a clue? The culprit left a distinct trail in the rules... and covered it all up! 

Find the one whose features are NOT in the rules to figure out their hidden identity.


1 face board, 64 cards,

Object of the game

Get rid of your cards first by matching facial features on your cards with the card in the center of the board.

The cards

Each card shows a face on each side. All faces in the game are different, but all are made up of combinations of the same 8 hairstyles, 8 pairs of eyes, 8 noses, and 8 mouths.

Set up

Set aside 1 card and distribute the remaining cards evenly between the players. Any surplus cards are put to one side.

The game

Once everybody is ready the game starts. You do not take turns, you just play as fast as you can. You can have all of your cards in your hands, or you can leave some of them in a pile next to you. Remember that you can use both sides of the cards. 

Take the card that you set aside, turn it over, and place it at the center of the game board. Now all players look for cards that have at least one match in either hair, eyes, nose, or mouth. 

When you find a card with a matching part on it, place it on the corresponding part of the game board. If someone else places a card in the spot you are trying to play on before you place your card, then you must play something else. 

When all four spaces on the game board have been filled (or when no player can make any more matches), remove the cards on the game board and continue the game by taking one of those cards and using the other side of it as the new center card.


Whoever gets rid of all their cards first wins! 


Do not use the game board. Place one card on the table and distribute the remaining cards evenly. When everybody is ready, flip the card over. Now as soon as you find a card with one or more matches of hair, eyes, nose, or mouth, place that card on top and play continues with the new card until a player runs out of cards and wins the game

How good are you at remembering faces? Flex your facial recall muscles in this mad dash to get rid of all your cards first! Race to match any features on your cards such as hair, eyes, nose, and mouth, to the quickly changing faces on the board. Find a match and drop it fast! First to get rid of all their cards wins!

Ages 7+   |   2 to 5 players   |   Playing time  10 minutes

Contents: 60 Double-sided Face cards, 1 Face Board, Rules.

Click Here For Rules 

Bearded Meeple: Face Chase video review

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