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Ferret Out


You and your gang have gotten together to conduct the business of ferrets, but you sense someone doesn’t belong. Another ferret, confusing your gang for theirs, is among you! Use your secret code to determine who is unknowingly weaseling into your meeting... and then ferret them out!


Pick two random pouches. You will use a number of cards equal to the number of players in the game.

One card will come from one pouch, and the rest from the other pouch.

Try not to look at these cards too closely! Leave the unused cards in their pouches and set them aside. 

Insert each card into a Secrecy Sleeve using the same orientation. Shuffle the sleeves together.

You’ll know everything is correct when you see the same colors and shapes in the notch when the Sleeves are face down.

Give each player a Marker, Easel, and a Secrecy Sleeve with a Card inside.

Appoint a Chief Ferret Officer (CFO). This position will pass clockwise each round.


The game is played in rounds that follow these steps:

1. PEEK 

Each sleeve has six words revealed. The CFO chooses a number or rolls the die. This number indicates everyone’s secret word. All players have the same secret word, except one player (the Weasel) who has a different word. But no one will know whether they’re a Ferret or the Weasel.


Each player simultaneously writes a one-word clue on their easel. This may be any word*, except a word that appears on your card. Once everyone has written a clue, the CFO says, “Reveal!” Everyone turns their easel around so that all players can see the clues.


After everyone has written their clue, flip the timer and let players study the words. Once the timer expires, all players secretly write the name of the player they think is the Weasel on the back side of their easels.

Anyone who thinks they’re the Weasel should write their own name and their guess of the Ferrets’ word.


Each Ferret Scores:

+1 If they correctly guess the Weasel
+1 If the Weasel did not guess the Ferret word
+1 If ALL Ferrets correctly guess the Weasel

The Weasel Scores:

+1 If ANY Ferret fails to guess the Weasel
+1 If they guess that they are the Weasel
+2 If they guess the Ferret word

Next Round:

At the end of the round, pass the Sleeves to the next CFO who will flip or turn the cards to a new set of words without looking at them. Make sure they all get turned the same way! 

Shuffle them and pass them back to the players face down

Round 1: Insert
Round 2: Rotate - Pull out the card and turn it around.
Round 3: Flip - Pull out the card and flip it over
Round 4: Rotate - Pull out the card and turn it around.

After Round 4, empty the sleeves and put the cards back in their pouches. Repeat the Setup steps again with two new pouches of cards.


After 8 rounds have been played. (Or play to 15 or 20 points. Your choice. We trust you know what you’re doing.) 

If there’s a tie, keep playing rounds until there’s a winner.

No one knows who you are...  INCLUDING YOU!

You and your gang have gotten together to conduct the business of ferrets. BUT you sense someone doesn't belong! Everyone THINKS they know the secret codeword. When the clues are revealed, you will need to guess the weasel andFerretthemOut!

Ages 12+   |   3 to 7 players   |   Play time   45 minutes  








Click here for rules

App Overview

CONTENTS:  24 pouches to hold 6 identical cards in each, 7 markers, 7 easels, 7 Secrecy sleeves, die, timer, CFO card and token, scoring chits

"People's Choice" Board Game Picks! Skip ahead to 13:05 for Ferret Out!  Video Review

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