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A funny game of interactive storytelling! Everyone has cool stories to tell… time to dust offthose old memories and share ‘em! An excursion into snowy wastelands in a beat-up old car?

A set of ninja stars you got for Christmas when you were 12? Tell your stories and other playerswill interact by hashtagging your story. You may even gain some followers along the way


Divide the cards into 2 decks. Have somebody act as Scorekeeper and give them the scorepad. Ask them to find a writing utensil when they complain they have nothing to write with. #Firstworldproblems

Each player draws 6 hashtag cards. But hey, this is a loose and freeform game. Want more?

Try 7, or even 8. #Whateveryouneed

Before each round, if a player doesn’t like their cards, they have the option of trading in theirentire hand for a new set of 6 cards. #Lame Determine who will be the first Storyteller. Thatplayer grabs a Prompt card and chooses one of the subjects to tell a quick story. If they don’tlike the choices, they may exchange them for another Prompt card. #Picky


The Storyteller reads aloud their Prompt and starts telling their anecdote/story. They can goon as long or as short as they like #Chatty.

As the Storyteller tells their story, the rest of the players “hashtag” the story. “Hashtagging” isthe process of labeling the story with a hashtag card from your hand that applies to the story.

When a hashtag in a player’s hand is relevant to whatever is happening in the story that is beingtold, the player immediately lays that hashtag card on the table in front of them and says thehashtag aloud e.g. “hashtag Easy”! The Storyteller continues on with their story until they feelthey are done.

Hashtagging happens organically as the story is being told. i.e. If a player is telling a storyabout a childhood toy, someone may “hashtag” the story by playing the card #Throwbackand saying “hashtag Throwback!”. Someone else may also interject and play the card #Lamebecause they think that toy was lame.

If the Storyteller thinks the hashtag card played is inappropriate, they can ask the group tovote on it. Thumbs up to accept it, thumbs down to discard it.


Once the story is done, no more hashtags may be played for that story. The Storyteller choosesone card as the best Hashtag for that round. #Champ Score points by awarding ‘Followers’.

 Followers are awarded as follows:

  • 3 Followers are awarded to the player who played the best hashtag
  • Hashtaggers receive 2 Followers for each of their accepted hashtags
  • Storyteller is awarded 1 Follower for each hashtag they accepted.

After scoring is completed, discard all of the hashtags and prompt cards played that round. Allplayers draw back up to 6 hashtag cards into their hands. Play continues clockwise with the nextperson as the Storyteller. If you run out of any deck, shuffle and use the discards.


The game ends when each player has told:

3 players: 3 stories              4-6 players: 2 stories           7+: 1 story

The player with the most followers wins!

This fast paced party game will have you in #Stitches with all the funny stories and comments that will arise. One player shares an anecdote while the others chime in with comments via their Hashtag cards. Try to stay #Focused through the laughter in this game of hilarious social "interpretation". #Silly!

Ages 12+ | 3+ players | Playing time 30 minutes



CONTENTS: 200 Hashtag cards, 40 double-sided Prompt cards and score pad


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