Pass The Pot™

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Pass The Pot™


Everyone rolls 1 die, the highest starts. Give the Bank to this player. Set the lid (POT) in front of them, placing 1 1 from the Bank into it. Give 3 to each player. 


The start player rolls one set of the 3 dice. 1) They may keep the roll and score OR re-roll any dice for free. 2) Lastly, they may pay 1 into the POT to re-roll any of their dice one final time.


Rolling a 1 1 1 at any time immediately ends your turn and you pay 3 to the Bank. 

Rolling a POT immediately ends the round and you win the POT plus the Combo bonus. 

Once the player stops rolling, they take the appropriate reward if a Dice combo is achieved. The sum of their dice is their current score. (Letters = value of 0) 

Leave the three dice in front of them! THIS is the score to beat…

The next player rolls the second set of dice and starts their turn.

Once this next player stops rolling: If their score is higher, pass the POT to this player. Their dice are now the Winning set. Pass the previous dice to the next player. If their score is tied or lower, the next player takes this set of dice and rolls for their turn.

Each time a player takes control of the POT, the next players each get a turn to steal it. If a player successfully retains the POT until it is their turn once again, they win all the coins in it.

This player starts the next round by adding 1 1 from the bank into the POT, then rolling the three dice left in front of them. 

The game continues until the end of a round in which a player has accumulated 24 coins. The player with the most coins wins! Break ties amicably with a ‘sudden death’ roll-off.

A dynamic push-your-luck dice rolling game! 

STEP 1 - Roll it.

STEP 2 -  Get as many points as you can.

STEP 3 -  Pass it.

Hit the highest score to win the POT!  It‘s easy to learn, fun and portable!

Ages 6+   |   to 5players   |   Playing time  20-40 minutes 


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