The Stayathome™ Box

We’ve just boxed-up a revolutionary cure for being stuck at home. Five games – All easy to learn – Packed with hours of fun! Get the box, and save over 40% off retail value!
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What are the active ingredients in Stayathome? The 5 games include Costa Ruana (An island hopping game where it’s good to be Shaman), Rome: City of Marble (A strategy game filled with glorious Roman tiles), Outback (A dice rolling game of rescuing Australian critters ), Dragon Island (The name says it all), and Coin Quest (A deck-building game of bidding and bluffing disguised as coin-collecting game). 

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Click on the games below to see if the Stayathome Box is right for you: 

Costa Ruana

Rome: City of Marble


Dragon Island

Coin Quest



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