Strike a Pose®

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Strike a Pose®


Strike up your imagination and get your bendy on because it’s time to pose yourselves silly! Here’s the hilarious freeze-frame game that’ll get you that collection of yard statues you’ve always wanted, without upsetting your neighbors. (You do know these statues go home at the end of the night, right?) 

You’re the Statue Collector and it’s your job to figure out who OR what the other players are posing as! In a roomful of frozen friends, can you pick out the Zombie or the Bartender? The Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon? It’s time to Strike A Pose!

1. In each round, one player will be the Collector and all other players will pose as Statues. 
2. You will use the Category Cards and the two sets of Purple Statue Cards (one set with black numbers, and one set with white numbers). 
3. You will not use the Yellow Statue Cards or the Purple or Yellow Category Placement Cards. 


1. The youngest player will be the first Collector. 
2. Scatter the set of black numbered Purple Statue Cards faces down on the table. 
3. Give the white numbered Purple Statue Cards to the Collector and have them leave the room. The Collector cannot come back into the room until the other players say it’s okay to reenter (This happens in step 7). 
4. Have any player select a Category Card from the box and place it where all the other players can read it. 
5. Each player will now take a black-numbered Purple Statue Card from the table, look at the number, and place their card face down near them or in their pocket. These cards must be kept secret from the Collector. 
6. Each player finds the matching numbered item on the Category Card and freezes in a pose that they think will best mimic that person, place or thing. In the example below, Stacey will be posing as someone ‘Fishing’.
7. The Collector is then called back into the room and looks at the Category Card to see the list of possible ‘statues’. The Collector must now guess who or what each player is and place the corresponding white numbered card face up in front of each player. As soon as a player receives a white number from the Collector, they may unfreeze. At this point, the Collector can no longer change their guess for that player.  


1. Each player is awarded 2 points for having their pose guessed correctly. 
2. The Collector is awarded 1 point for every pose they guess correctly PLUS a bonus of 1 point if they guessed all poses correctly. 
3. After the first round, the role of the Collector is passed to the person on the left. Shuffle the black numbered Purple Statue cards face down again and play continues with a new category card. 
4. Play until each player has been the Collector once, then whoever has the most points wins! 
5. If there is a tie, the tied players must enter a Pose-Off! Select one of the other players to be the Collector and have the tied players play category cards until one tied player gains more points than the other(s).



Get ready to strike up the fun and laughter with the party game where it's your job to figure out who (or what!) your frozen friends are posing as. Each round, the Statue Collector leaves the room while the other players freeze into a pose of a person, place or thing on a category card. Players must hold the pose until the Collector returns and tries to guess the poses. Can you pick out the Oreo or the Hula Hoop? The Termite or the Tarantula? Get your bendy on ... It's time to pose yourself silly!
Ages 10+ | 3 to 14 players | Playing time 30-45 minutes

Click Here For Rules in English 


Click Here to Download Extra Score Sheets

CONTENTS:  250 Cards, Score Pad, 1 Pencil, 28 ID cards








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