UnNatural Selection®

The wildly fun and fast-paced card game where players place their best Creature into battle, then use their remaining cards to alter the abilities of combatants in wacky and amusing ways.
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UnNatural Selection®

Game Summary:

Duke it out to victory in the Battle Arena. Win battles by having your Creature modified with wacky features and be chosen as the victor!


170 Creature/Feature Cards
10 Challenge Event Cards (variant only)

Game Setup:

1. Youngest player starts. They will be the Judge for that round.
2. The Judge shuffles the Creature Cards and deals three cards to each of the other players.
3. Place the remaining cards in a stack face down on the table.

Playing the Game:

1. Each player (except the Judge) chooses a Creature card from their hand, which they believe is best for the battle, and plays it FACE DOWN on the table.

2. Once all battling players have played a card on the table, a random card from the deck is added FACE DOWN to the cards played. The Judge picks up the cards, mixes them and flips them face up so the creatures are facing him.

3. All players (except the Judge) then flip their cards in their hands so that blue/Feature side is on top. This activates your super cool Mod Ray X5000 weapon so that you can now alter the features of any Creature on the table. In turn order, clockwise from the judge, all players now place these cards face down under any face up Creature card of their choice. You can play on just one, multiple, and even your own. In this manner the Creatures are being modified, i.e. the basic “goldfish” becomes the “goldfish that has a headache”. Once activated, the Mod Ray X5000 will discharge completely, so each player must play all cards remaining in their hand.

4. Once all players have finished placing their blue/Feature cards underneath the Creatures, the Judge reveals the cards under a creature arranging them so that the blue feature words are above the creature card. The judge now selects the modified Creature that he believes would win the battle.

5. The player of the selected Creature is awarded that card by the Judge and it is placed face down as their own score pile beside them. If the random Creature card from the deck is the one selected, then all of the cards go into the discard pile and no one scores that round.

6. The Judge gathers all of the Creature cards played during this round and discards them next to the Creature deck. If the Creature card deck is running low, the discard pile can be shuffled and added to the bottom of the Creature card deck.

7. The role of the Judge is passed to the next player on the left. The new Judge takes the deck and deals out three new cards to each player.


Play continues following steps 1-7 until someone has earned enough Creature Cards to win the game.

a. For 2-5 players, win 5 battles.
b. For 6-7 players, win 4 battles.
c. For 8-10 players, win 3 battles.

Variant 1

After dealing the cards out, the Judge picks a Challenge Event Card from the top of the stack, reads the card aloud, and places it face up on the table. The players are then trying to pick Creature Cards that would triumph in this particular Event. Award the challenge card to the winner instead of the Creature card.

Variant 2

If your group of players is feeling competitive, decide on a funny penalty at the start of the game, such as hopping on one leg and making a Creature noise for 10 seconds. After the Judge selects the best Creature, he or she will also select the worst Creature. The player of the selected worst Creature must then perform the penalty and their card is not rewarded as a winning card.

Judging Tips:

1. As the Judge, make your decision about the winner based solely on your own opinion.

2. Feel free to be swayed by charismatic players or charmingly enhanced creatures.

Playing Tips:

1. If none of your Creature cards seem great for the challenge, look at the blue feature side of the card. You could have a card that would be better for the modification effect, so avoid playing it as a Creature.

2. Commenting aloud on the Creatures as the Judge reveals the modifications is encouraged.

3. If you know the Judge finds a certain Creature or modification entertaining, you can try to
 work this to your advantage.

The wildly fun and fast-paced card game where players place their best Creature into battle, then use their remaining cards to alter the abilities of combatants in wacky and amusing ways. Use your Mod Ray X5000 to alter Creature features so yours has a fighting edge! Whoever's Creatures win the most challenges is crowned the Ultimate Warrior! 

Ages 8+ | 3 to 10 players | Playing time 15-30 minutes


CONTENTS: 170 Creature/Feature cards and 10 Challenge Event cards


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