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Once every 100 years, eminent wizards and witches gather in a remote region, the location of which has been kept a strict secret for many generations. The purpose of this meeting is to regenerate the energy field of the legendary Witchstone board game. Through the use of magic spells and rituals, you will ensure the maintenance and strengthening of your own magic powers. 

The player who demonstrates the greatest skills as a witch or wizard during the occult procedure will be declared the Master of the Witchstone. With this, they attain a special status for all the members of their coven and gain great magical powers. Until the next gathering …

Object of the Game

As learned adepts of your guild, you gather around an ancient sacred stone. Each player occupies one of the four towers around the Witchstone and starts from there. Create your Magic Spells with the help of your Cauldron and grow a network of Magic Energy around the stone. Send out your Witches, scoop the Magic Crystals from your Cauldron, and make good use of the Pentagram and the Magic Wand. 

But don't forget to keep an eye on the Prophecies in order to ensure victory. Not all options are always available to you, so cleverly make the most of your opportunities. Only then shall you have the chance of accumulating the most victory points over the 11 rounds and claim victory as the Master of the Witchstone board game.

Course of the game

The starting player begins the game by choosing one of their 5 hex tiles from behind their screen and laying it over 2 empty spaces of their Cauldron. Six spaces of the Cauldron contain printed action symbols that may not be covered. Spaces that contain Crystals cannot be covered by hex tiles either. (Through the Crystal action, you can move a Crystal one space, or move it onto the rim of the Cauldron. 

Crystals can also be removed directly from the Cauldron by giving up victory points – detailed explanation: see p. 21, “Crystal action”.) Each hex tile shows 2 different action symbols. You carry out these two action types one after another, in the order you wish. After that, you draw a new tile from your face-down supply and put it face up behind your screen. Then it’s the next player’s turn. Play proceeds clockwise until each player has had 11 turns. Each player will end the game with no supply left and 4 tiles remaining behind his screen.

This is where the magic happens!  The legendary Witchstone is faltering and needs to be restored. Eminent wizards and witches gather to create potions, cast spells and incantations to renourish the stone's energy. The player who demonstrates the greatest skills will be declared Savior of the Witchstone! Designed by Reiner Knizia and Martino Chiaccheria

" The magic of board game design shines here."  W. Eric Martin (BGG)

Ages 12+   |   2 to 4 players   |   Play time  60 minutes  








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